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Security Camera Systems: Protecting Your Home or Business

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Camera systems are crucial to most businesses for purposes such as liability, theft, verification of entry, general security, and Alarm System and Access control verification.  We install camera systems that are state of the art, and yet affordable for almost any budget, and any location whether at home or work.

Camera systems can be custom designed to meet your needs whether it is an extremely dark location, a close up facial view, a license plate capture, or a general overview with a wide angle camera.

We offer multiple styles of camera such as Bullet, Turret, Dome, Mini cameras, and Vandal Resistant cameras that can’t be tampered with easily.  Unlike most of our competitors, our cameras are made of metal that will hold up under harsh conditions, not a cheap plastic that will deteriorate quickly.

Also, the recording system will be easy to use and we will gladly give you detailed instruction personalized for your needs.  Should you need our assistance with any recorded images we are only a phone call away.

Video Security Cameras
  • 24/7 Access Management – Look for an access control system that provides basic security features such as real-time card management and 24/7 monitoring. Ensure the system will limit access during business hours or after hours.
  • Simple Administration – A good access control solution offers simple and convenient administrative management of employee credentials, status, and access rights, along with card status and replacement.
  • Activity Reporting – Select a door access control product that provides an activity log with access history, data backup, along with in-depth reporting capabilities of activity at all access points.
  • Remote and Mobile Access – Choose an access control solution that offers remote access and enables you to view your system’s history and log via web browser or mobile device—from anywhere!
Recording Devices
  • Multiple Channels – Choosing a video recording solution that supports the amount of cameras you need, now and as your needs grow— will enable you to get the most out of your investment.
  • Multiple Recording Modes – A video recorder that offers continuous, motion-detection, and schedule recording enables you to choose what’s best for your application, and maximize recording.
  • H.264 Video Compression –H.264 video compression reduces file sizes and reduces hard drive storage requirements, while delivering crisp, clean images.
Remote Monitoring
  • Remote and Mobile Access – Remote monitoring enables you to view your video from a web browser or mobile device—from anywhere!
  • Multiple Recording Modes – A video recorder that offers continuous, motion-detection, and schedule recording enables you to choose what’s best for your application, and maximize recording.
  • Email and Mobile Alerts – Many of our video security solutions can send an alert to your email or mobile device, so you can react to an incident in real-time!
Which Security Camera System Is Right For Your Application?

Choosing a video security system that offers the features and capabilities that best meet your needs is essential for effective security.

The security experts at Granite Peak Alarm can help you determine which video security technology and camera security system are right for your location—and your budget.


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