With my Alibi CCTV systems you will see a Red Circle in the image indicating that recording is occurring, or a Yellow Triangle indicating that motion has been detected.  You can also go to “Playback” in the menu to look at a specific event or time period to review.

A CCTV system will record images onsite through a wired network of cameras to a central location recording unit called a DVR or NVR.  The difference is really only in the wire used, Coax RG59 or IP CAT5.  Each camera would be wired back to the recording unit and powered but it or a separate power supply.  Recording can be triggered by motion, or can be continuous regardless of any motion 24/7.  Other events can trigger recording such as “Line-crossing” (my favorite feature), motion detection, area intrusion, or by a schedule.  You can then review recording footage onsite through a monitor that is connected to your system, or remotely through the Internet on a web portal.

A quality product, with a quality installation, that fits your specific needs.  For example, you would not use the same camera inside an office as you would to overlook a parking lot.  Nor would you use the same camera in a very dark location covering vast distances as you would to capture license plates 10 feet away.  What you should look for is a professional to design the system that you need.

This may very well be an entry level camera system at a budget cost.  But you may find that a few hundred dollars more would give you the features that you truly need and want, such as clear identification vs. a general overview.

Ask yourself, “what is the purpose of the cameras I want to install?”, “What do I want to be able to see?”, “What is my budget for this project?”, “How long do I want to be able to view recorded information?”, “When will I be using my system? Locally only, or offsite remotely?”.

These important questions can be answered very quickly with your security professional at Granite Peak Alarm during an onsite meeting and free evaluation.

That really is up to the customer to choose.  I try to break down the many options of cameras out there into a few basic categories.

1. Lifestyle (live view) cameras, typically WiFi or IP based.
These are typically for live view only, are very inexpensive, easy to install, and are for checking in on your pets, your kids, or maybe your restaurant to see if things are busy.  At best these cameras will store a video clip upon motion from 10-30 seconds, requiring a monthly fee to a cloud service for such a feature.  Some of these cameras do not record at all.  An example of these cameras are “Doorbell cameras” (which I highly recommend), IP plug and play indoor cameras, and usually any gimmick or “just for fun” camera.

2. Cloud based IP cameras.
These are a bit more sophisticated with full time recording possible and some analytical abilities.  These cameras can be indoor or outdoor depending on the model.  They will require a Cloud storage plan for a monthly fee.  These are a very inexpensive but effective way to see recorded footage for 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days.  You will be limited due to bandwidth issues to just a couple cameras, and the footage may not be admissible in court as evidence (possibly).  If you need more cameras or to use the footage in court, it is recommended that you choose a conventional onsite recording CCTV system.

3. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Systems.
These come in wide variety of styles, costs, quality, and features.  The commonality between them is that they record to a device that is onsite, they usually will time-stamp and watermark the image, can handle multiple cameras, and can be viewed on a monitor onsite or an application remotely if connected to the internet.  Rather than tell you about all the other cameras out there, let me focus on what I typically offer.

Alibi is my preferred vendor for cameras of this caliber.  I will typically install 5-8MP cameras that are metal housed, hardwired to the DVR/NVR, with recording storage anywhere from 2 weeks to a year in length.  Camera systems really need to be purpose driven and designed for the specific place they are being used, so there is no blanket statement or generic camera that works for all applications.  Different styles can be chosen such as Vandal Resistant Dome, Turret Dome, Bullet, PTZ Dome, and Auto-Dome.  The Lens is a key factor in determining quality and Field-Of-View and needs to be well thought out by your system designer.  Granite Peak Alarm is well versed in real world application of the hundreds of options available to you and we can design a system that is specific to your application and budget.

A security system can range $99 to whatever your budget determines.  Our monthly fee’s are determined by the features and services that you choose.  We are very competitive in todays market and will provide your with a custom designed security system specific to your needs and budget.  Call us for a FREE security review today!

Our cameras range from $99 to thousands depending on your needs.  Some cameras record, where others only send notifications, and still others record in the Cloud.  Each customers needs are carefully assessed and suggestions area made accordingly.

At GPA we do not install any proprietary equipment.  Many alarm companies install equipment that can only be programmed serviced and monitored by them.  This limits your ability to change service providers without replacing your ENITRE system.  You will always be in control of making the best decision for your service.

Yes.  We are licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services ACO #7823.  We also hold a C-7 and a C-10 California Contractors license 1046953.  We carry workman’s comp insurance, are bonded and insured.

Yes!  Upon request we will provide you written Certification of Installation that you can provide your insurance company.  This will typically reduce your insurance costs!

Yes.  Granite Peak Alarm can connect to your compatible Z-wave devices.

There are several options.  You can purchase another alarm system at your new location and negate your contract at your current location.  If the new owner of your home accepts the remaining term of your agreement, you will be released from any balance due.  Or, if you refer us to another new customer we will negotiate your current balance.  Basically, we are reasonable people and are hopeful that you will continue as our customer, or refer us business, even if you cannot continue your relationship with us.  We are very appreciative of your business.

Yes! Our robust App is fully capable of advanced notifications, event logging, bypassing capabilities, user management, home automation capabilities including Lock Controls, Thermostat control, Garage door control, Alexa compatible, and many other exciting features. In fact, we highly recommend to all of our customers to have an app and have very few that have chosen not to.

In most situations No.  Most customers will have a Cellular Communicator installed with their alarm system.  In the rare occasion that you have absolutely NO cell signal from ANY cellular provider, and NO internet available, then you would need a phone line.  We’ll inform you of this situation right away upon reviewing your location in person.

Yes!  At minimum, a one year warranty is included with your alarm system.  You can also upgrade to an Enhanced Service Plan to cover your equipment for the life of the agreement.

Yes, we install many different kinds of cameras to fit your individual needs and budget.

If you plan to only arm it when you are away from home, on vacation for example, then you will usually want only a door or two contacted plus motion detectors throughout the home. This will protect your home when you are away if someone was to break in.

Most people will want to contact/ or secure, all their doors at minimum, and then add motion detectors selectively. This way if a door is broken into you will get an immediate alarm, and if a thief breaks into a window the motion detectors will capture them.

If you would like to arm your house at night, you will want, at minimum, all the doors contacted. You may also want your accessible windows contacted as well, and an occasional motion detector for use while you are away.

Some other options to consider are: a Monitored Smoke Detector at each level or division of your home. Not only will this give you peace of mind for your pets while you are gone, but will also make your insurance company appreciate you.

If you are building a new home, it is recommended that you contact all doors and windows by wiring the openings prior to sheetrock or interior finishes are installed.

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